58500mAh 12V With LED Flash Dual USB Car Jump Starter Booster Portable Multifunction Emergency Car Jump Starter

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  • Can Be Used As A Power Bank, Laptop Charger And Car Jump Starter.
  • Our TM-19 Jump Start can Jump Start Cars Upto 5.0 Liter Petrol Engine and Upto 3.0 Liter Diesel Engine.
  • USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: DO NOT KEEP GIVING THE SELF START FOR MORE THAN 10 SECONDS. If the car does not start after giving a Jump start to your car, Please wait for 15 seconds before starting again. Please note that this is a Battery Item and it cannot be given power all the time, make sure that the petrol engine is less than 5.0 liter and diesel engine is less than 3.0 liter. Master Industries will not be liable for any mis-use of the product.
  • Battery Capacity: 58500 mAh, Sufficient Enough Charging for Mobile Phones and Laptop, Jump Starting Cars & LED Lights. There are a Variety of Adapters that Can be Used to Charge Various Mobile phone & Other Compatible Appliances.
  • Press the Yellow Button for 3 Seconds For Flash Light (WHITE LIGHT), Press Twice For Emergency RED Light.
  • Brand New and High Quality Jump Starter - The Multi-functional car jump starter with remaining power LED display is a convenient and powerful device that combines 3 different functions.
  • Jump Starter supports vehicles with 12V voltage or more. to start your car, firstly you should connect the power bank with the battery holder and then connect the negative and positive connectors of the holder with your car battery.
  • Variety of chargers and jump lead that can give your car and your products the extra energy they need. With a zipped case that also contains the adapter tips and power lead, this product will fit in your car to be used in case of emergency.
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