Heavy Duty Protective Anti-Theft Car Wheel Tyre Lock Clamp Security - Tire Clamp with Two Keys (Red & Yellow)

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Anti-theft car wheel clamp tire wheel lock.

  • High security wheel lock - tire wheel lock is the perfect heavy-duty anti-theft device that will completely immobilize a wheel from rotating or turning, This lock is very lightweight and easy to operate, Also, this soft coated clamp will not scratch or damage your wheels
  • Highly visible body - it is designed in bright yellow and red colours to make it highly visible during day and night, Its presence alone will deter thieves, Provide your car an extra security with this very easy to use anti-theft lock, It will also prevent the possibility of towing away your vehicle
  • Easy installation - the offered tire clamp is easy to use and a simple and convenient set up, No complicated installation required, Simply attach to your wheel, pocket the keys and walk away calmly knowing that your vehicle is once again safe
  • Accessbility - allextreme tire lock clamp includes 2 keys for your convenience, If you misplace, loose or break one, you always have a break up available, Always ensure the safety of your car from theft or towing away even when you are leaving it in an isolated place
  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGN ?Tire Lock is made out of premium quality metal alloys and ABS to offer you the strongest, most durable and long lasting tire clamp. It is also soft coated with PVC so that it will not scratch or damage the wheel rims.