Hella Original Signature Red Grill Skoda Type Horn Set Of 2

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Hella Original Horns With a strong and clear tone.

Compact design with low power consumption.

- The super tone is a premium aftermarket directional horn set for drivers who want to be heard.

- Aesthetically striking, its high penetrating sound projects forward and a robust build make it a deal for rugged off road usage.

- It has durable all weather galvanized steel metal frame.

- The trumpet in red color gives the horn a classy look.

- Set of 2pc (High tone and Low tone)

- With a strong and clear tone, it gives safe driving experience having wide and angle sound propagation.

Specifications :

- Voltage- 12V

- Current- 6amp(max)

- High Tone- 500hz

- Low Tone- 300hz

- Sound Pressure- 118db (at 2m from source)

- Types of sound- Disc Horn, Metallic, T.T Horn.

- Part Number- 3AG 003 399-801(With Relay)

Horn Relay For Safe And Optimal Performance Of Car Electric Circuits

Features :
- Enhances Sound Of Horns
- Increases Life Of Horns
- Keep Horn Sound Intact By Managing Constant Power Supply
- Save Horn From Getting Damage Due To Fluctuation In Current Supply

Description :
- Voltage 12V/24V
- Wattage 100/90W

Warranty :
- 3 Months Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

Package Contents:

2 x Hella Super Loud Supertone Red Grill Horn Set 003.399-801

1 x Speedwav Horn Wiring Harness Relay-U

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