Hella Original Yellow Grill Panther Horn Set Of 2

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Hella Original Horns With a strong and clear tone.

  • Hella yellow panther horns guarantee best functionality, optimum fit and long lasting
  • High tone: 415 Hz - low tone: 350 Hz - sound level: 115 dB(A) - Voltage: 12Volts, ECE-R28 approved
  • Hella's ultra-reliable loud and powerful yellow panther horns look and sound like nothing else on the road. These horns guarantee the attention needed in every situation
  • Coming with a black coated metal body with a yellow protective grille for a distinctive and stylish look, these horns are for the performance oriented driver for a high level of safety combined with great design and high quality
  • Original equipment quality horns you can trust from a global leader in automotive technologies for more than 100 years
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