WINDEK 1001 Powerful Car Vacuum Cleaner 3000 Pa DC 12V Featherweight Multi-Functional and Highly Portable Machine

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  • FULLY FUNCTIONAL POWERFUL SUCTION:Windek powerful car vacuum cleaner offers power packed performance. It has a 100 W high power motor that can clean even the toughest corners of your car with ease. All the dirt, pollutants, cigarette ash and filth from your car will be wiped out within a few minutes.
  • COMPACT FEATHERWEIGHT DESIGN:This is a highly compact vacuum cleaner that ease out your day-to-day cleaning of car. Featuring with reusable filter and corrosion resistance technology, this machine is long-lasting and durable. Plus, vacuum?s featherweight architecture makes it super easy to clean even the far reaching corners of your car.
  • PORTABLE & USER-FRIENDLY VACUUM CLEANER: When it comes to vacuum cleaners, portability becomes a major issue.Windek car vacuum cleaner is a lightweight product along with an ergonomic design so that you can carry it easily.Plus, it comes with a USB port to charge whenever required.
  • ALLOWS WET & DRY CLEANING:This vacuum cleaner is an ideal cleaning tool that is efficient enough for both dry and wet cleaning applications ranging from dirt, pet dander to spillage of water or cold drink. All the attachments of this compatible vacuum cleaner are detachable and convenient to clean.
  • FAST CHARGE & EXTENDED RUNNING TIME:Its rechargeable battery can be charged up to 100% in a few minutes. The running time of the most powerful car vacuum cleaner is also unmatchable by any other car vacuum cleaner with its high-quality long-lasting materialthat makes it the perfect choice for efficient cleaning.
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